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Teak garden tables

Dine in comfort & style


Create a luxurious and welcoming atmosphere in your garden with a teak garden table. A &moss exclusive teak outdoor table is truly an asset to your terrace. It is the perfect place to have breakfast, lunch, or even a sumptuous dinner! Our teak table collection is designed and produced in-house. Thus, you are assured of a unique teak garden furniture piece on your terrace.

Durable teak wooden garden tables

The teak wooden garden tables of the exclusive &moss collection are made out of 100% recycled teak wood. Since teak is hardwood with natural weather resistance, it is one of the most durable materials. Therefore, you can leave your teak table outside throughout the year. Due to the usage of premium quality teak, you can enjoy your teak outdoor table for years on end.

Over time the teak wood will eventually turn grey due to exposure to UV radiation. This gives the teak its timeless and weathered look! However, do you prefer the warm and natural colour of teak? Simply use a teak care package to maintain your garden wood table! This allows you to clean and maintain your outdoor table. We recommend checking the FAQ for more detailed information on teal cleaning and maintenance.

Sustainable, recycled teak tables

Sustainable, recycled teak wood forms the basis for the unique &moss outdoor table collection. Even after initial usage, teak is well-suited to re-use since it is a strong type of hardwood. Moreover, recycled teak has a unique and characteristic look. It has been a conscious decision to opt for re-used teak. Since it helps reduce the amount of wood waste. Furthermore, it prevents chopping down more trees in tropical rainforests. Moreover, teak is naturally weather-resistant. Thus, it is excellent for outdoor usage.


Round teak tables

The use of round, organic shapes has been the latest hottest exterior trend! So, create peace and tranquillity in your garden with a round teak table. Additionally, it helps gives your terrace a luxurious and welcoming ambience. Thus, treat yourself to a sophisticated statement piece with one of our timeless teak tables.

&moss has a variety of stylish teakwood tables in both round and oval shapes. These outdoor tables have a diameter of 120 cm or 150 cm. Would you like expert advice on how to create an exquisite exterior? Contact us! Or visit our sophisticated showroom. We would be happy to help.

Rectangular teak garden table

&moss is a pure Dutch exterior brand. We are passionate about helping our clients find a perfectly balanced terrace, completely to their wishes. Hence, our exclusive teak outdoor table collection is carefully composed. It includes a wide array of rectangular teak tables in 180 cm, 220 cm, 280 cm, and 300 cm. So, our garden tables comfortably seat between 4 and 10, depending on the size. Come visit our sophisticated showroom! Or make an appointment with one of our stylists for tailored exterior advice.

Square teak table

A square teak table is truly a statement piece on your terrace with its royal size and spacious look and feel! Our teakwood tables are not only robust and sturdy. But also elegant in design. The square teak outdoor table collection is from premium quality recycled teak. Thus, a &moss teak wood outdoor table has excellent longevity. Attention to detail and craftsmanship are evident in our teak garden furniture. So, we invite you to discover it for yourself in our sophisticated showroom!


Do you have to maintain a teakwood table?

Maintaining a teak outdoor table is essential to extend its durability. So, it is important to consistently maintain the garden table. Especially when leaving it outside during the winter months. Properly maintaining it prevents dirt from attaching. So, get our teak cleaner and protector to extend the durability of your teakwood table.

How can you best clean a teak garden table?

Teak outdoor tables are exceptionally strong and durable. Given that it is properly maintained. So, consistently cleaning your teak garden table helps extend its product lifespan. Though, never clean teak with a pressure washer. Instead, use a teak cleaner to clean your wooden garden table. A teak cleaner helps remove dirt and stains. Want to start cleaning as soon as possible? Order your teak cleaner online today to receive it the following day.

Can a teak outdoor table turn grey?

Teak outdoor tables are weather-resistant, durable, and can stay outside the entire year. However, teak garden tables are exposed to sunlight. Thus, their natural colour slowly starts to fade to a grey-ish colour due to UV-radiation exposure. Do you want to keep the original wood colour? In that case, use a teak protector to prevent the teak from turning grey. Our teak protector is eco-friendly. Moreover, it is easy to apply with a soft cloth.

What do you have to pay attention to when purchasing a teak wooden garden table?

We made it easier to choose a teak outdoor table since we already did the groundwork for you! We composed a unique and stylish collection that feels tailor-made for you. However, there are still a couple of things to take into consideration when purchasing an outdoor table. First, pay attention to the type of wood. Not every type of wood has the same quality and durability. So, we recommend choosing teak wood since it is well-suited for outdoor usage. Secondly, you want to consider your available terrace space. What garden table dimension fit the available space? Moreover, take into consideration that garden chairs take up 75 to 100 cm to comfortably slid back. Working with limited space on your terrace? Consider swapping chairs for a teak garden bench!


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