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Garden furniture sets

Unique outdoor dining or lounging

&moss’ luxury garden furniture

At &moss you are at the right place if you are looking for a modern, luxury garden furniture set. Our classy collection includes a wide variety of all-weather garden furniture. From fashionable, designer garden furniture to classic bistro sets. And from traditional, timeless teak garden furniture to a contemporary aluminium outdoor lounge set. We have an extensive and exclusive outdoor furniture collection. Transform your garden or balcony into an inviting outdoor living space with a suitable, sophisticated garden furniture set from &moss.

Modern outdoor dining sets

Do you want to dine in style in the comfort of your own garden? Then a high-end outdoor dining set is a must-have on your terrace! Opt for a garden table and chairs that allow you to experience optimal seating comfort for you and your dinner guests. Luckily, seating comfort and design always go hand-in-hand at &moss. Depending on your taste and the size of your terrace you can choose between a variety of outdoor table shapes like round, square, and rectangular. Discover all the limitless outdoor dining set possibilities to enhance your outdoor living space. Come see for yourself at our inspiring showroom!

Exclusive loungesets

Do you want to wind down in the comfort of your own garden after a long day? Then a luxurious outdoor lounge set is an essential addition to your garden! &moss offers a comfortable collection of garden lounge sets from our &moss Exclusive range. Additionally, the high-end collection includes designer brands like Max en Luuk, Vincent Sheppard, Bryck, and Roolf Living. So, we always have an outdoor lounge set that matches your exquisite taste. Visit our inspiring showroom for honest, expertly advice.


Round garden furniture sets

Looking for an exterior eye-catcher? Look no further than a round garden table and chairs. The timeless, organic round shape has been a mainstay in our trendy outdoor furniture collection nowadays. A round table creates a peaceful and welcoming atmosphere in your garden. Additionally, it always allows for additional seating space for those unexpected dinner guests. Do you prefer an intimate round 4-seater table, a round 6-seater table, or even a round 8-seater table? Depending on the sheer size of your tasteful terrace, we always have a size that perfectly blends with your exterior. Looking for personal and expertly outdoor furniture advice? Schedule an appointment with one of our exterior stylists!

Modern small garden furniture sets

An apartment with a balcony or a garden with a small terrace needs a compact garden furniture set to maximize the available space. Go for either a 2 or 4-seater garden furniture set. Even if you just have a couple of square meters, a small garden furniture set can create a cosy and pleasant atmosphere. The exclusive &moss collection includes fitting, lightweight, and compact outdoor furniture pieces that fit your balcony or small garden to a T.

Large luxury outdoor furniture

A large terrace simply deserves a luxurious, large outdoor furniture set. The additional benefit of a large garden furniture set is that you are able to invite plenty of friends and family to dinner parties. With a little bit of creativity, your spacious 8-seater garden furniture set can be turned into a place with more than enough space for 10 or more people. So, get your summer party started at &moss!

6 seat garden furniture

Most luxury outdoor furniture sets can accommodate 6 people. However, it is rather easy to expand it to accommodate up to 8 people if necessary. We have displayed various 6-seat garden furniture sets with either outdoor chairs or a garden bench in our showroom. Feel free to mix and match by combing three dining chairs on one side of the table with a garden bench on the other side. This creates a playful effect on your exterior.



Rattan garden furniture

Rattan garden furniture has been making a comeback as one of the hottest trends. With its natural look and feel, rattan creates a friendly, serene, and laid-back ambience on your balcony, patio, or terrace. The finishing touch on your rattan outdoor furniture set would be a couple of large green outdoor plants. It immediately transforms your garden into a warm and welcoming place.

Wooden garden furniture

The characteristic of a wooden garden furniture set is its timeless and rich look and feel. At &moss you can find a wide variety of teak garden furniture with playful lines in its design. Moreover, &moss holds sustainability in high regard with its wooden outdoor furniture sets. Therefore the wooden garden furniture sets are made out of 100% recycled teak wood. &moss offers a unique and exclusive teak outdoor furniture collection due to its in-house design. Plan a visit to our sophisticated showroom to discover our unmatched quality and comfort yourself!

Aluminium garden furniture

Clean and contemporary is the best way to describe the modern aluminium garden furniture sets. One of the benefits of aluminium outdoor furniture is that it’s handy and easy to move around due to its lightweight. Moreover, a characteristic of aluminium material is its maintenance-friendliness. At &moss you can find an exclusive range of aluminium garden furniture that combines optimal seating comfort and sleek design.

Cast iron garden furniture

Looking for traditional, timeless cast iron garden furniture? Look no further than &moss’s artisanal cast iron garden furniture. The sturdy cast iron material gives an elegant and classy look to your exterior. These cast iron outdoor furniture products are crafted in our own artisanal workshop. Besides the standard sizes, &moss offers made-to-order cast iron garden furniture that is tailor-made for your outdoor living situation.



We have a wide variety of balcony furniture sets in our chic collection. However, the most important question is: what fits your personal preference and balcony dimensions best? We would be happy to offer you our expert advice to determine what balcony furniture fits your outdoor living situation best. We have ideally suitable balcony chairs that are very handy and movable due to their lightweight. Whether you are looking for a trendy rattan balcony set or a modern teak lounge set, &moss has a wide range of sizes, shapes, styles, and materials in its balcony furniture collection.



In order to protect your garden furniture set, it is essential to use a premium quality outdoor furniture cover. It is crucial to determine the dimensions of your outdoor furniture set since our collection includes a wide array of shapes and sizes. Additionally, the protective cover collection includes a handy, portable cushion bag. Ideal for storing your cushions in the cold winter months. Having high-quality garden furniture cover extends the lifespan of your outdoor furniture. Let us help you find the proper protective cover for your luxury outdoor furniture.



Which material is best suited for a garden furniture set?

Nowadays various types of materials are used for garden furniture. These materials can differ greatly in style, quality, and durability. Looking for more durable materials? Then wood, cast iron, and aluminium are best suited for you! Provided you follow the proper maintenance instructions, these materials are weather resistant. Rattan is another suitable and sustainable material. However, it is recommended to store it during the winter months to extend the lifespan of the rattan garden furniture.

How much space do you need for an outdoor furniture set?

When purchasing a new garden furniture set, make sure you leave sufficient walking space on your terrace. After all, it is practical to have adequate space to slide your garden chairs backwards. The space needed for garden dining chairs usually varies between 75 and 100 cm. Are you working with limited space on your terrace? Consider swapping outdoor chairs on one side for a garden bench to save space. Stop by our stylish showroom showroom to discuss all the possibilities for your garden!

Can you leave your outdoor furniture outside year-round?

Like the name already suggests, all-weather garden furniture can remain outside year-round. However, it is advisable to maintain your outdoor furniture in order to keep it clean and weatherproof. A teak garden furniture set requires a yearly treatment with our teak protector. Moreover, during the winter months, it is recommended to cover up your garden furniture with a protective cover in order to prevent dirt and moss from attaching.

Is it necessary to varnish or pickle a wooden garden furniture?

We often get asked if it is necessary to varnish or pickle wooden garden furniture Since teak is an oily type of wood, it naturally possesses water-repellent characteristics. As a result, it is hard to varnish or pickle wooden outdoor furniture because it will not stick as well. Moreover, it will likely peel. In order to protect your teak garden furniture against dirt, it is recommended to maintain it with a teak protector.

When can you best buy garden furniture?

Do you want to be ensured that you can enjoy your high-end outdoor furniture when the first spring sun starts to shine? Our advice is to start orientating in January or February. During those months you can discover our exclusive garden furniture collection in peace. Do you want to buy the outdoor furniture in advance but have the delivery scheduled for the spring? That is not a problem! Enquire to discuss all the possibilities.


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