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You can find our exclusive teak garden furniture collection in the most beautiful places in The Netherlands. On trendy terraces, luxurious rooftop terraces, chic city gardens, and cosy parks! &moss’s luxury teak outdoor furniture collection is distinguishable due to the usage of high-quality, natural materials combined with functionality and design. For every outdoor space and outdoor living situation, we have a perfectly fitting teak wooden garden furniture piece! So, schedule an obligation-free appointment in our inspiring showroom to discuss the endless possibilities for your garden, balcony, or rooftop terrace.

Exclusive teak outdoor furniture

&moss offers an extensive and exclusive collection of teak outdoor furniture. Whether you are looking for the perfect teak outdoor dining set, low dining set, or a teak loungeset, at &moss you are at the right place! All of our teak garden furniture is crafted from sustainable teak wood. Furthermore, the teak collection is exclusively sold through us. As a result, you are guaranteed to have unique, designer outdoor furniture. Our bestseller? The Koen teak lounge set! The stylish, comfortable lounge set can be completely composed to your liking due to the usage of smart modular elements.

Modern teak outdoor tables

A modern teak outdoor table is an exterior eye-catcher! It is the ideal gathering spot for friends and family to enjoy those long, warm summer nights. &moss’s teak garden tables are crafted with love and appreciation for sustainable teak wood and craftsmanship. Moreover, attention to detail and functionality are of the utmost importance to us! Looking for a unique design teak outdoor table? Visit our sophisticated showroom and schedule an appointment for expert advice.

Design teak garden benches

The teak garden benches from &moss are sophisticated and stylish. Go for a highly comfortable teak wooden garden bench with luxury all-weather cushions instead of the traditional park benches. Change with the seasons by moving your teak wooden bench outdoor around! During the winter put it under the porch, close to the fireplace for a warm and cosy atmosphere. In the summer months, place it in the sunniest spot in your garden to optimally enjoy those warm summer days. So, give your garden a unique character with a teak garden bench from &moss.

Luxury teak chairs

The luxury teak chairs from &moss embody elegance, style, and ultimate comfort. Every teak outdoor chair is unique due to the usage of sustainable, recycled teak wood. Additionally, the exclusive collection has the perfect blend of rugged and durable teak wood. Whether you want a couple of individual teak chairs or want to combine them with one of our outstanding outdoor table outdoor tables, you cannot go wrong with either or! Come experience ultimate comfort and luxury for yourself by test sitting in our wooden outdoor chairs in our inspiring showroom.

Comfortable teak sunloungers

The summer sun breaks through and the temperatures start to rise. So, fully capitalise on the warm weather in ultimate comfort in our stylish teak sunlounger. Soft, yet sturdy, experience the comfort of our premium quality, all-weather cushions made out of Sunbrella fabric. Moreover, you can always find your most relaxing lounge angle with our adjustable backrest that has four comfortable lounge settings. This makes the wooden sun lounger a multifunctional piece in your garden. Whether you want to read a good book, relax sprawled in the sun, or enjoy an ice-cold drink, the possibilities are endless!

Frequently asked questions teak garden furniture

Can you leave teak garden furniture outside all year?

It is certainly a possibility to store your teak garden furniture in a dry, confined space during the winter months. However, that is not completely necessary. Teak outdoor furniture can easily stay outside year-round. Though, it is recommended to properly maintain the teak wood twice a year with a teak cleaner. This helps to protect your garden furniture against the weather conditions. First, start by cleaning your teak furniture and subsequently treat it with a teak protector. Lastly, it is optional to cover your teak outdoor furniture with a breathable protective cover during the winter months.

How can you best maintain teak outdoor furniture?

Teak wood outdoor furniture is weather-resistant and can be best treated with a special teak cleaner and teak protector. Since teak wood naturally contains high levels of oil, teak garden furniture does not require a lot of maintenance. However, it is still advisable to clean it once or twice a year and subsequently treat it with either teak oil or a teak protector. Over the years, teak will naturally turn grey-ish due to exposure to ultraviolet light.

How can you best clean teak garden furniture?

There are various methods to clean your teak garden furniture. The old-school method uses a solution of lukewarm water with baking soda and soft soap. An excellent alternative method is using the 100% biodegradable teak cleaner. The teak cleaner deeply cleans the fibre of the teak wood to remove all dirt, stains, and mould. Moreover, it opens the pores of the teak wood for proper post-treatment with a teak protector or teak shield.

Can you paint teak outdoor furniture?

Cannot wait until your brand new teak outdoor furniture turns grey? Either stay patient for a couple of months or treat it with a teak grey wash. Leaving your teak garden furniture outside without treating them with either teak oil or a teak protector? Your teak outdoor furniture will turn grey in no time into a chic silver patina. The original colour is a warm honey brown. Do you prefer another colour? It is possible to paint your teak outdoor furniture. However, it is advisable to pick high-quality paint since teakwood naturally contains plenty of oil.

Where does the teakwood originate from?

Teak is a hard type of wood that originates from Southeast Asia, primarily the tropical rainforests of Indonesia. Unfortunately, due to decades-long deforestation, large parts of the rainforest have disappeared. Nowadays, the vast majority of teak comes from special teak plantations. Using wood from these plantations, the introduction of sustainability labels, and a quality mark system that determine the place of origin of the wood, help prevent illegal logging. An alternative for plantation teak is recycled teak. Recycled teak forms the basis for the entire teak garden furniture collection of &moss since it is a sustainable and durable alternative.

Is teak a sustainable material?

At &moss you can find a unique garden furniture collection made out of recycled, re-used old teak wood. In recent years, there has been a worldwide teak wood shortage due to a way larger demand than supply. Hence, recycled teak wood increased in popularity. Teak is one of the hardest types of wood. As a result, it is extraordinarily durable. Every piece of wood that is incorporated into a &moss outdoor furniture piece is unique and received a new lease of life.


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