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Cast Iron garden furniture

Timeless and elegant design


An immediate eye-catcher! We are talking about the timeless cast iron garden furniture of &moss. The design and process of cast iron furniture are already centuries-old. However, our artisanal cast iron furniture is up to modern-day quality standards. So, experience the great outdoor life of a bygone era with our luxury cast iron outdoor furniture collection in our inspiring showroom.

Wrought iron garden furniture is not only an elegant addition but also an extremely durable one. A combination of the materials, construction and treatment method guarantees a long product lifespan. As a result, you can enjoy your chic wrought iron outdoor furniture for years on end!

Exclusive cast iron outdoor furniture

Make a statement on your terrace with a complete cast iron outdoor furniture set! Our wrought iron outdoor furniture collection is artisanally produced in-house. Moreover, we offer made-to-order options in a variety of colourways. Working with either a small or large terrace? Regardless of size, we always have something that perfectly fits your outdoor living space. We would be happy to discuss all the possibilities for your elegant exterior. Are you ready to give your garden a characteristic look and feel? Visit our inspiring showroom in The Netherlands.

Classical cast iron garden benches

Characteristic 1930s house, an authentic farmhouse, or a listed building? A &moss cast iron garden bench perfectly complements the chic character of your home. What are you waiting for? Give your front yard that classical and elegant feel with a cast iron outdoor bench. Crafted out of weather-resistant and maintenance-friendly material. Available in four authentic colours: canal green, church grey, pearl white, and classic black.

Traditional cast iron garden chairs

Are you looking for timeless design, elegance, and premium quality? Look no further than our exclusive collection of cast iron chairs! Premium quality is guaranteed due to our unique production process. Furthermore, the usage of high-quality materials is of the utmost importance to us. Hence, we only use premium quality cast iron and hardwood for our garden chairs.

Our wrought iron outdoor furniture pieces are the perfect complement to your elegant exterior. Create an idyllic and cosy corner in your garden by combining two cast iron outdoor chairs with a cast iron garden table. Rest assured, this will quickly turn into your new favourite spot to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea!

Chic cast iron garden tables

&moss’s classic cast iron garden tables consist of a sturdy cast iron table frame and durable hardwood tabletop. In the process, the cast iron table frame is treated with a beautiful black powder coating. Subsequently, the tabletop is covered in multiple layers of high-quality paintwork to create a protective cover. As a result, a long product lifespan is guaranteed! Since the cast iron outdoor furniture products are artisanally produced in-house, you can request custom sizes. Stop by our sophisticated showroom or make an obligation-free appointment! We would be more than happy to inform you about all the possibilities.


Is cast iron garden furniture weather-resistant?

You can leave cast iron garden furniture outside year-round due to the nature of the materials. Since the cast iron table frame is treated with a very strong powder coating. Furthermore, the hardwood planks are well protected due to a specially developed paint procedure. Additionally, the sturdy construction and usage of premium quality materials make it a maintenance-friendly and weather-resistant product. So that you can enjoy it for years on end.

How can you best clean cast iron outdoor furniture?

Cast iron outdoor furniture is relatively maintenance-friendly. It will suffice to occasionally clean it with a solution of lukewarm water and soft soap. Subsequently, to maintain the soft shine of the paint, it is advisable to treat it once or twice a year with car wax. Additionally, it simultaneously prevents dirt from attaching and damaging the paint.

What is cast iron outdoor furniture made out of?

Cast iron outdoor furniture is constructed out of indestructible, durable cast iron and durability class 1 hardwood. Moreover, cast iron is a liquefied metal that is poured into a moulding sand mould. Subsequently, that cast iron is powder-coated to increase its durability. Additionally, this makes it both moisture-resistant and scratch-proof. Further, the hardwood planks are preserved according to the latest technologies. So, for the past 15 years, &moss has combined artisanal craftsmanship with innovative technologies and materials to get your premium quality wrought iron garden furniture.


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