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Outdoor sofas

Sophisticated simplicity


Meet the luxury outdoor sofa collection of &moss. Clean and contemporary outdoor sofas that complement every exterior. Whether you are looking for rustic rattan, modern aluminium, or sustainable teakwood, we would gladly assist you in finding the perfect garden sofa for you! Our bestsellers our the Koen and Sil outdoor sofas. These modular lounge sofas consist of a smart modular mechanism that lets you compose a lounge couch that perfectly suits your outdoor living situation. You are guaranteed to have a unique and exclusive outdoor lounge sofa in your garden due to our limited series.

Outdoor corner sofa

Looking for a luxury outdoor corner sofa for ultimate lounging comfort? Discover the endless possibilities with our Koen and Sil lounge sofa elements. You can always compile a corner garden sofa that suits your outdoor living situation to a T. We would be happy to help you put together an outdoor lounge corner sofa for your garden. Visit our inspiring showroom or contact us to discuss the limitless possibilities.

Outdoor sofa with chairs

Mix and match your lounge sofa with outdoor lounge chairs. Create a cosy lounge area by combining your outdoor lounge sofa with two garden lounge chairs. Or give your garden an airy atmosphere by placing an outdoor corner sofa and lounge chair on a luxury outdoor rug. The possibilities are endless at &moss! So, come see our exclusive outdoor sofa collection with your own eyes at our sophisticated showroom in Nunspeet.


Teak outdoor sofas

A teak lounge sofa creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere in your garden or on your terrace. Teak is a strong, weatherproof type of wood. So, that makes it the perfect choice for under your porch or in your garden. All of our luxury lounge sofas are produced in Indonesia from 100% recycled teakwood. Reusing teakwood is a sustainable solution since it prevents unnecessarily cutting down trees. So, besides its characteristic and timeless design, it is also a sustainable and responsible choice.

Rattan couch outdoor

Create a retro 70s look and feel in your garden with a rattan couch outdoor. Additionally, this gives off warm and cosy exterior vibes. Moreover, a rattan garden sofa is easy to mix and match with a pair of luxury lounge chairs to create a playful effect on your patio. All of our rattan outdoor sofas are made out of Kubu wicker, this is a coarse type of reed that is ideally suited for outdoor usage.

Outdoor sofa aluminium

An aluminium outdoor sofa is a perfect complement to your contemporary exterior due to its modern and timeless design. An additional benefit of an aluminium lounge sofa is its lightweight which makes it easy to move it around from your patio to your porch! Moreover, the material is also maintenance-friendly and weather-resistant. As a result, you can easily leave your outdoor couch aluminium outside all year.


You can relax in luxury anywhere with a &moss outdoor sofa regardless of location. Whether you have a grand garden or a cosy rooftop terrace. Thanks to our smart modular system and its various sizes we have a perfectly suited and unique outdoor lounge sofa for every outdoor situation. For instance, an outdoor 2-seater sofa is a perfect choice for a small balcony. Working with a little bit more space? Then a 3-seater outdoor sofa offers the perfect solution. Spacious and grandiose garden? Well, we also have plenty of 4-seater outdoor lounge sofa options.

Small garden sofa

Mimic the feeling of a grand garden in your small garden with our luxury outdoor lounge sofa. Take your garden to the next level and go for a luxurious look and feel with a small 2-seater outdoor sofa or a small outdoor corner sofa. Get the snacks and the drinks out of the cooler because a small outdoor lounge sofa from &moss is perfect for receiving and entertaining guests!

Large outdoor sofa

Do you have a gorgeous, grand garden? Fully take advantage of that space and go for a large outdoor lounge sofa! A large lounge set with a corner sofa setup helps you achieve maximum efficiency in your outdoor living space. Moreover, a large lounge sofa helps you transform your garden into a great gathering place for friends and family.

Balcony sofa

A lounge sofa is still a very reasonable possibility on a small balcony. Depending on the size of your balcony, there are various types of outdoor lounge sofas and corner sofas. Our individual lounge elements allow you to compose a tailor-made balcony lounge sofa to fully optimise your outdoor living space. As a result, you can transform your balcony into a luxury lounge location with a balcony sofa.



Thanks to our luxury lounge elements, we always have a suitable size outdoor lounge sofa for every garden. With these individual lounge elements, it is a piece of cake to compile a customized lounge sofa that is tailor-made for your terrace. Moving to a bigger place or expanding your terrace? Expanding your outdoor sofa is simple and straightforward! Could you use some help on how to compose a perfectly fitting modular outdoor sofa? Make an appointment with one of our experts or contact us!


Which type of wood is best suited for an outdoor lounge sofa?

Wood is one of the best-suited materials for outdoor sofas. Numerous types of wood are used to craft garden furniture like oak, acacia, and afrormosia. However, teak is by far the best-suited type of wood for lounge sofas. At &moss we exclusively work with certified, recycled teak. This material is not only sustainable but also naturally suited to stay outside all year. So, a teak outdoor lounge sofa is stylish, timeless, and also very durable!

Is a outdoor sofa weather resistant?

Whether an outdoor sofa is weather-resistant strongly depends on the type of material. Our aluminium and teak lounge sofas are well suited to stay outside all year. However, we recommend thoroughly cleaning the outdoor lounge sofa in the spring and the fall. Moreover, it is advisable to cover up the garden sofa with an all-weather garden furniture cover. During the wintertime, a rattan outdoor sofa should be stored in a dry, confined space to extend its product lifespan.

How can you best clean a garden sofa?

It is recommended to clean rattan and aluminium garden sofas at least twice a year, before and after the winter months. Subsequently, clean it with a solution of lukewarm water and soft soap. A teak garden sofa should be cleaned with a special teak cleaner. Subsequently, treat it with a teak protector so you can leave the outdoor sofa outside all year.

What is the ideal seating depth and height of an outdoor sofa?

Seating height and depth largely determine the seating comfort of an outdoor sofa. Most people prefer a seating height of roughly 40 to 45 cm and a seating depth of around 70 cm. Ultimately, the ideal seating height and depth differ per person. So, make an appointment with one of our stylists and come test sit in our sophisticated showroom in Nunspeet. We would be more than happy to help you find a suitable outdoor lounge sofa.

Which backrest angle is most comfortable in an outdoor lounge sofa?

However, the exact angle is related to the specific seating height and depth of the garden lounge sofa. Luckily for you, we already did the groundwork to find the perfect backrest angle to guarantee optimal seating comfort in our outdoor lounge sofas. So, come experience it for yourself in our inspiring showroom!


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