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Rattan garden furniture

Stylish, sophisticated, and sustainable


Give your garden, balcony or porch a serene and timeless ambience with our exclusive rattan garden furniture collection. &moss rattan outdoor furniture is the perfect combination between style and comfort due to its natural wicker and luxury all-weather cushions. So, create a clean and calm exterior by styling our rattan outdoor furniture tone-on-tone. Visit our inspiring showroom and discover why wicker garden furniture has been so popular all these years!

Stylish rattan dining set

Create a courteous and relaxing atmosphere in your outdoor area with a wicker dining set. Are you looking to create that laid-back, bohemian spirit in your garden? We are happy to help! &moss handpicked a unique collection of rattan garden furniture. So, there is always a rattan furniture piece that feels tailor-made for your terrific terrace.

Exclusive rattan chairs

Start your day off right in a comfortable rattan garden chair! It is the little things in life. Imagine drinking a cup of coffee while catching the sun’s first rays. Ready to start your days the right way? Come to our sophisticated showroom! Discover the comfort and luxurious feel of our rattan outdoor chairs.

Comfortable rattan outdoor sofa

Turn your terrace into an oasis of tranquillity with a rattan outdoor sofa. You can easily create that serene sphere by combining a rattan garden sofa with lots of green plants in large pots! Ready to sit back and start your slow-down outdoor lifestyle? Start it with our contemporary and comfortable rattan bench. Its simple design and soft materials allow you to completely unwind in the comfort of your garden.

Relaxing rattan sunlounger

Find your ultimate moment of relaxation in our relaxing rattan sun lounger. So, transform your terrace into a sophisticated sunbathing space. Make sure your ice-cold drink, book, and sunscreen are within reach. Thus, you do not have to leave your happy place all afternoon. Are you looking for a well-rounded and complete garden? Rattan outdoor daybed Florence can provide that fabulous finishing touch to your exterior. Its organic round shape arouses associations of comfort, calmness, and pleasure in your outdoor living space.


Is rattan garden furniture weather-resistant?

Rattan outdoor furniture is well-suited to withstand all the rainy Dutch seasons. So, it is certainly possible to incorporate rattan outdoor furniture in your garden. However, we recommend storing your rattan furniture in a dry and enclosed space during the winter. Working with limited storage space? A rattan garden furniture cover offers the perfect solution. Make sure you get a protective cover made of breathable material.

How can you best maintain rattan outdoor furniture?

Rattan outdoor furniture does not require much maintenance. It is sufficient to clean it twice a year. Use a simple solution of lukewarm water and soft soap to clean your rattan garden furniture set.

What is rattan made out of?

Rattan is a tropical climbing plant that grows in tropical rainforests. It is a sturdy yet flexible material with a massive core. Most types of rattan can reach a length up to 200 meters.

The exclusive &moss wicker outdoor furniture collection is handcrafted from hard-skin Kubu rattan. As a result, the material is excellent for outdoor usage. However, rattan undergoes an extensive process. First, after harvesting, the stems are soaked in water for 4-5 weeks. Subsequently, they are left in the sun to dry. The sun gives the rattan its signature grey colour. Afterwards, the dried Kubu rattan can be woven into wicker garden furniture.

Is rattan a sustainable material?

Rattan is a durable and sustainable material. The fast-growing vine just needs a tree to grow. It has benefitted from the increased protection against illegal rainforest logging. During the logging process, seeding is not necessary. Since part of the rattan stem stays in the soil. Moreover, this also helps prevent soil erosion. As a result, harvesting rattan has a minimal impact on the environment.

Recently, many local farmers in Indonesia started to grow rattan in their groves to make some extra cash. Rattan rapidly grows. Moreover, it is easy to harvest, transport, and does not require costly tool investments. So, rattan is both ecologically and socially responsible. If you want to be sustainable, pick rattan garden furniture!


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