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How to: Treat and clean teak wood

Want to know how to best treat and clean teak wood garden furniture? Then you’ve come to the right place at &moss! In this blog, we’ll provide you with all the ins and outs so that you can enjoy your teak garden furniture for as long as possible.

Can teak garden furniture remain outdoors?

Yes, teak garden furniture can be left outside throughout the year. Teak is an exceptionally durable Asian hardwood. It naturally contains more oils, resins, and calcium within its grains compared to other wood types. This inherent oil content helps teak wood retain moisture and prevents it from drying out quickly when exposed to outdoor conditions.

Therefore, teak is one of the most favoured wood types for outdoor furniture. However, it’s wise to take proper care of teak to ensure its longevity. We’d be happy to provide you with more information on this topic!

How to treat and clean teak garden furniture

With the right maintenance, teak garden furniture can last for years. In general, the rule is; the better you treat it, the longer it will last. Therefore, we always recommend treating teak 1 to 2 times a year. Depending on your personal preference, you have two options, each requiring a slightly different approach.

Option 1: Allowing teak to age naturally

Teak will naturally turn gray as soon as it is exposed to the outdoors. This process begins under the influence of sun and rain. If you appreciate the beautiful gray look of weathered teak garden furniture, we recommend placing your furniture outside without applying any oil treatment right after purchase. Teak can easily handle this! By the end of the first season, your garden furniture will already have taken on a noticeably gray hue.

As the season comes to an end, we advise refreshing your furniture with a teak cleaner. This thoroughly cleans and deeply penetrates the teak, removing dirt and stains. You can choose to repeat this process in the spring, so your teak garden furniture is ready for the new season. The brown colour of the teak may appear more pronounced after using the teak cleaner, but the gray colour will naturally return as the furniture is exposed to the elements again.

Optionally, after using the cleaner, you can provide additional protection to your teak garden furniture by applying a teak shield. This forms a protective layer over the teak, preventing oily stains and dirt from penetrating the furniture (such as wine, coffee, oil, algae, and fungi). However, please note that a teak shield will also slow down the natural graying process. Therefore, for new garden furniture, we recommend waiting 4 to 8 weeks before applying a teak shield.

tuinmeubelen teakhout vergrijzen
kleurbehoud tuinmeubelen teak

Option 2: Preserving the original colour of teak

If you have fallen in love with the warm honey-brown colour of your teak garden furniture and wish to prevent it from turning gray, you can easily achieve this by treating the furniture with a teak protector right after purchase. The teak protector helps maintain the honey-brown colour of teak and can be applied quick and easy using a cloth.

After applying the teak protector, you can provide extra protection against external influences by treating your garden furniture with a teak shield. This creates a protective layer on the furniture, preventing mold, algae, food, and drink residues from penetrating the wood.

If your garden furniture has already turned gray or if it has been a while since you last treated your teak garden furniture and you wish to restore it to its original colour, you can use our teak cleaner to thoroughly and deeply clean the teak. This also helps remove dirt and stains. Immediately after cleaning, treat the teak garden furniture again with the teak protector, and it will regain its beautiful brown colour!

Teak oil vs teak protector

To preserve the warm honey-brown colour of teak wood, you can opt for either a teak oil or a teak protector. We exclusively offer a teak protector because it retains the colour up to four times longer than teak oil. Additionally, a teak protector absorbs more quickly as it is less oily. This means you won’t have to worry about stains on cushions or clothing as much.


Removing green algae from teak wood

Struggling with green algae on your teak garden furniture? Then you can easily eliminate this issue by using a teak cleaner. The teak cleaner will effectively remove the green algae while thoroughly cleansing the wood deep into its fibers.

Covering teak garden furniture: yes or no?

Teak garden furniture is weather-resistant and can easily remain outdoors throughout the year. Storing or covering the teak is not necessary, but it does extend the lifespan of the furniture. Therefore, we always recommend the use of a good protective cover.

When purchasing a cover, it’s important to consider the material. For instance, plastic covers do not allow for proper ventilation. Opting for a breathable material provides more oxygen to the teak, preventing mold and green algae. For an even more comprehensive approach, you can allow the teak to breathe during winter by removing the cover on a sunny day for a few hours.

Extend the lifespan of teak: Additional tips & tricks

  • Before using your garden furniture for the first time, wipe it down thoroughly with a damp cloth. There might be some wood dust present, and if not removed, it could stain your new cushions.
  • After using your teak garden table, always wipe the surface with a damp cloth to prevent liquids or dirt from penetrating deep into the wood.
  • Avoid using a high-pressure washer to clean your teak garden furniture. This could permanently damage the wood fibers.
  • Preferably do not let wet garden furniture dry in direct sunlight, as this increases the risk of developing cracks.
  • When moving your garden furniture, always use at least two people and lift the furniture instead of sliding it. Sliding could lead to a leg breaking if it gets caught on something.
  • If you notice minor scratches or unevenness on the wood, you can lightly sand them using fine-grit sandpaper, preferably with a grain of at least 200.
  • Any cracks in the wood? Then you can fill them with a wood filler if you find them unsightly. It’s advisable to do this after the first year, as the wood needs time to settle in the initial year. Additionally, it’s best to fill the cracks during the winter when the cracks have shrunk due to the cold.
teak buiten behandelen onderhouden

More Maintenance Tips & Tricks?

Hopefully, with the help of the tips and tricks in this blog, you can take care of your teak garden furniture yourself and enjoy them even longer. Do you want to know more or would you like to discuss the maintenance of your furniture? Feel free to contact us or check out our other blogs about garden furniture maintenance. If you’d rather get started right away, take a look at our maintenance products and order what you need for your project!

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