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Teak protector

Teak protector

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Want to bring back the warm honey colour of your teak furniture? The teak protector offers a solution! It quickly absorbs and provides additional protection.

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More about the teak protector

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Do you want to better protect your teak garden furniture from the sun while also bringing out the beautiful warm honey color of the teak? Then use our teak protector! Unlike teak oil, the protector quickly penetrates the wood, avoiding oily stains on your cushions and clothing. In addition, the protector retains its colour up to 4 times longer. Use the protector in combination with the teak cleaner and shield for optimal results.

How do you use the protector?

  1. Before you start, put on protective gloves and make sure the surface underneath your outdoor furniture is covered to prevent potential stains.
  2. Have you had your outdoor furniture for a while? Then first use a teak cleaner to thoroughly clean the furniture. Did you recently purchase your outdoor furniture? Then it is not necessary to use a teak cleaner.
  3. Does the teak still feel rough (after treatment with the teak cleaner)? Then lightly sand it and remove any remaining dust. Make sure that the teak is 100% dry and free of dust before you continue.
  4. Shake the teak protector well. Do this for at least 1 minute to avoid uneven colouring.
  5. Then test the teak protector on a small, less visible place to check whether the color is evenly distributed and whether it meets your expectations.
  6. If this is to your liking, then apply the protector thinly with a lint-free cloth.
  7. Thereafter, let the outdoor furniture dry for about 30 minutes, after which you apply a second thin layer of the protector.
  8. Afterwards, let the furniture dry again. Then after a few hours, the protector will be fully absorbed and your outdoor furniture will be like new again!

Would you also like to protect your garden furniture from dirt and grease in addition to preserving the honey-brown color? Then use our teak shield along with this protector. It creates a thin invisible layer on the furniture, preventing stains such as coffee, olive oil, or wine from adhering to the garden furniture.

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