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Reclaimed teak: all you need to know

Reclaimed teak wood: a term that you hear more and more in recent years. But what is it exactly? Where does it come from? Why is it so popular? And what are the advantages and disadvantages of recycled teak wood compared to new teak? In this blog, we’ll tell you all you need to know!

What is teak wood?

Teak is a dense hardwood that naturally contains oily substances. These substances create a protective layer, making teak wood resistant to various weather conditions. As a result, teak wood doesn’t dry out quickly, shows minimal expansion and contraction, and is less susceptible to algae and fungi compared to other types of wood. It’s a durable type of wood that can last a long time with little maintenance. That’s why teak has been a beloved material for outdoor furniture for many years.

What is reclaimed teak?

Reclaimed teak wood is simply put teak wood that has been given a second life. The recycled teak beams and planks were previously part of structures such as houses, boats, railroad ties, or rice containers. Since they were no longer needed for their original purpose, they underwent a rigorous selection and treatment process to be repurposed into items like garden furniture.

Reclaimed teak retains all the characteristics of new teak wood, without the need for cutting down new trees. Additionally, it prevents the unnecessary waste of good-quality materials. Therefore, it is a sustainable and socially responsible alternative to new teak wood.

hoe wordt gerecycled teak gemaakt

How is recycled teak wood made?

As mentioned earlier, reclaimed teak wood is made from used material. However, not all teak wood is suitable for reuse. Therefore, a rigorous selection process is carried out. During this process, teak beams and planks are carefully chosen in the right length, width, and thickness for the intended final product. Subsequently, the teak wood is completely sanded down and stripped of any nails, screws, and large, conspicuous knots, so that it looks like new again.

Any small holes in the wood are filled with teak filler pieces. These are firmly glued and then sanded multiple times to seamlessly blend in with the rest of the material. Because these filler pieces are processed with great care, they do not create any weak spots in the wood—neither now nor in the future.

Recycled teak wood is thus just as strong as new teak, but it carries a bit more character. The filler pieces make each item 100% unique. They tell a story about the past without compromising on the future.

teak tuinmeubelen Nunspeet
duurzame tuinmeubelen

Why choose reclaimed teak?

Reclaimed teak serves as a sustainable and socially responsible alternative to plantation teak. In recent years, plantation teak has become scarcer, leading to an increase in illegal logging. Opting for recycled teak means that no new trees need to be felled, and it provides a second life to high-quality materials.

Furthermore, reclaimed teak is generally more affordable than plantation teak, while still possessing the same properties. The only difference is the presence of filler pieces in recycled teak. However, these add a narrative to the material, with each reclaimed teak beam and plank being entirely unique.

At &moss, we have consciously chosen to craft all our wooden garden furniture from sustainable recycled teak, contributing our part towards a better, more environmentally friendly future.

Where does (recycled) teak come from?

Teak originally hails from Southeast Asia but is now increasingly cultivated in tropical regions. However, the majority of (new) teak is still harvested in Asia, particularly in Myanmar and on the Island Java (Indonesia).

The reclaimed teak we use at &moss for our garden furniture is collected at Java by the local population. They then sell it to our factory, where our Javanese colleagues work to transform it into exquisite, one-of-a-kind outdoor furniture pieces.

Is (reclaimed) teak weather-proof?

Yes, (reclaimed) teak is naturally resistant to rain, sun, weather, and wind. Teak can easily withstand outdoor conditions throughout the year. It’s no wonder that teak is commonly used for various outdoor products such as ships and garden furniture. It’s a durable wood type that, with proper maintenance, enjoys a long lifespan.

However, like all other wood types, teak will undergo some ‘movement’ once exposed to outdoor conditions. This means that (minor) cracks or warping can occur in the wood. Hence, if your garden furniture is left outside in rain and wind with an occasional swift in temperatures, it’s unrealistic to expect them to remain completely unaffected.

Fortunately, this has no impact on the quality. In fact, among all wood types, teak is by far the best choice because it experiences the least amount of ‘movement’.

How long does (reclaimed) teak last?

Teak wood belongs to durability class I, which means it will last for at least 25 years, and even longer with proper maintenance. This is because the Tectona Grandis, commonly known as the teak tree, grows very slowly. On average, the tree takes about 80 years to reach full maturity, resulting in high-quality wood.

However, once teak wood is exposed to the outdoors, it will naturally weather and grey due to the influence of sun and rain. This may lead to the development of (small) cracks and fissures, especially in the first year. Nevertheless, this process does not shorten the lifespan of teak wood. There’s no need to worry about this natural aging, as it actually contributes to the uniqueness of the material.

hoe lang gaat teak mee

Want to know more about recycled teak?

If you’d like to learn more about reclaimed teak wood, feel free to get in touch with us or visit our showroom. Prefer to explore our range of recycled teak garden furniture directly? Continue your journey on our website and discover the extensive collection. If you already own a piece of recycled teak furniture, be sure to read our blog on teak maintenance to prolong the lifespan of your garden furniture!

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