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How to: clean outdoor cushions

If you use your garden cushions daily, a stain from time to time is almost unavoidable. Even if the fabric is UV-resistant, dirt and water-repellent. In this blog, we’ll explain exactly how to clean your outdoor cushions effectively so that they will hopefully look as good as new in no time!

Before you start

Vacuuming your garden cushions

If your outdoor cushions have been outside all day, dust and dirt can quickly accumulate. That’s why we recommend vacuuming garden cushions once a week. Don’t forget to pay attention to the edges, as this is where most of the dust tends to hide.

In case of stains, it’s also advisable to start by vacuuming the cushions. This way, you can easily remove surface dust and better assess the severity of the stain, which will help you determine the next steps.

The solution: water combined with a mild soap

Cleaning outdoor cushions with light stains

If your garden cushion has a small and/or light stain, these can often be cleaned easily. Use lukewarm water combined with a mild soap, such as green soap or dishwashing detergent. Then take a soft, damp cloth to gently blot out the stains. After treatment, it’s best to let the cushions air dry.

tuinkussens reinigen milde vlekken

Cleaning garden cushions with mild stains

Option 1: Fabric cleaner

For tougher-to-remove stains, a specialized fabric cleaner can provide the solution. Simply spray the outdoor cushion stains with the cleaner, allowing it to sit for a few minutes. Then, gently blot the stain with a damp, lukewarm cloth. Afterwards, let the cushion air dry, and it will be as good as new in no time.

Option 2: Baking soda

If your garden cushion has a light, colourfast fabric, you can also clean more stubborn stains with baking soda. A mixture of baking soda and water creates a highly effective cleaning solution. Apply the mixture to the stain and then blot it with a slightly damp cloth. Let the cushion air dry outside afterwards.

Please keep in mind that baking soda is a natural bleaching agent. If used on dark and non-colourfast fabrics, it can cause bleached spots. Therefore, make sure to check your garden cushion’s label beforehand. If uncertain, it’s advisable to test it on the bottom of the cushion first.

reinigen tuinkussens wasmachine
tuinkussens schoonmaken baking soda

Cleaning outdoor cushions with stubborn stains

Option 1: Washing machine

If your cushions have removable covers, you can easily clean your outdoor cushions in the washing machine. Carefully remove the cover and close the zip, making sure the right side of the cover is facing out.

If there are noticeable stains, we recommend treating the cushion cover with a gentle soap or fabric cleaner beforehand. Then, you can wash the cover at 30°C and allow the fabric to air dry completely afterwards.

Option 2: Dry cleaning

If you cannot remove the cover from your garden cushion or prefer to leave it to the professionals, you can also have your outdoor cushions cleaned at a dry cleaner. Often, dry cleaners offer a special program for (garden) cushions. Make sure to inquire about this at your local dry cleaner and get well-informed.

The solution: water combined with a gentle soap

Cleaning algae off outdoor cushions

If you’ve got green algae on your garden cushions, don’t worry! With a solution of lukewarm water and gentle soap, you can have them clean again in no time. If you have removable covers, we recommend taking them off before you start. This prevents the cushion filling from getting too wet. If the cover is attached to the cushion, choose a sunny day to clean the cushions and use water sparingly.

To start, spray the entire cover with the soapy solution or scrub the solution in with a sponge. Then, it’s important to thoroughly rinse the cover or wipe the cushion with clean water. If this doesn’t do quite the trick yet, you can also wash the cushion cover in the washing machine at 30°C. Herefore, please follow the instructions under ‘washing machine’. After that, allow the cushion and/or cover to air dry thoroughly.

tuinkussens schimmel schoonmaken
The solution: vinegar

Removing mildew from outdoor cushions

Ideally, you want to prevent mold formation on your garden cushions. That’s why at &moss, we exclusively provide garden furniture with Sunbrella fabrics. These fabrics are much less susceptible to dirt and mold.

However, there might still be cases where mold forms on a Sunbrella garden cushion due to dirt not being removed in time. In such cases, you can remove mold from your outdoor cushion using a solution of water and vinegar, and possibly bleach for very stubborn spots on light fabrics.

Spray the cushion entirely with the solution and let it sit in the fabric for about 15 minutes. Then, thoroughly clean the surface with a sponge to remove all soap residues. Allow the cushion to air dry properly afterwards.

Prevention is better than cure

Protecting your outdoor cushions

The best way to keep your cushions looking good for longer is by treating them with a fabric protector before use. This provides the cushions with a protective layer, making it harder for dirt to adhere and easier to remove. Additionally, garden cushions treated with a fabric protection spray are well impregnated against moisture.

Sunbrella cushions are already equipped with a standard water- and dirt-repellent layer that lasts for a few years. However, after thorough cleaning and washing, the effectiveness of this protective layer is significantly reduced. Therefore, we recommend reapplying this protective layer to the cushions.


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