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5x Stylish outdoor low dining sets

Low dining is the trend of the moment, and we completly understand why! It’s the perfect blend of lounging and dining. Recently, there has been a surge in beautiful outdoor low dining sets to cater to everyone’s preferences. Feeling overwhelmed by choices? Don’t worry, in this blog, we’ll present the most stunning low dining sets for your garden.

low dining tuinset hout
luxe tuinset low dining

First things first: what’s low dining?

Low dining is a trend that originated from Asia. It literally means ‘dining low,’ implying that you sit closer to the ground at the table. The height of the table and the corresponding chairs in a low dining set are lower than those of a regular dining table.

Low dining, as we know it in Europe and North America, is a bit different from many Asian cultures where you actually dine on the ground. Hence, the trend has adapted to Western standards. A low dining chair is therefore a few centimeters lower than a regular dining chair but slightly higher than a lounge chair, allowing you to comfortably recline.

#5 Outdoor low dining set KEET

Combine the best of two worlds with the outdoor low dining set KEET. Sleek and modern combined with a warm and cozy atmosphere. What more could one ask for? Because the table is slightly narrower than a regular table and the legs are set slightly inward, this low dining garden set stands beautifully airy on your terrace.

The set comes standard with a sturdy wide bench of the same length as the table. This way, you make optimal use of the seating space. On the other side of the table, you can choose another bench or a couple of stylish chairs like the BENTE or the ALFA for a playful setup.

On our website, we offer only the dining variant of the KEET, but don’t let this discourage you. We can actually provide the set as a low dining option too! Visit our showroom for more information or contact us directly to discuss the possibilities.

#4 Teak garden set low dining FAY

Looking for a sleek and solid low dining set? Then this FAY set is a wonderful addition. Because the outdoor set is made from durable recycled teak, it ensures years of enjoyment!

Furthermore, the chairs of this teak garden set come with full seat and back cushions, ensuring optimal comfort. You get to choose the fabric for the cushions, with an infinite variety of colours, patterns, and textures to choose from. This way, there’s always something that perfectly suits your style.

low dining tuintafel met stoelen

#3 Low dining teak set outdoor JAAP

Beautiful Scandinavian minimalism with an Eastern twist: this low dining teak set JAAP fits perfectly in a Japanese-style garden. Both the table and the chairs feature lovely round shapes and subtle details. Additionally, the table’s legs are positioned further under the top, creating a visual effect of the table almost floating on your terrace.

The low dining table JAAP is also narrower than usual, making it ideal for smaller city gardens or if you prefer to have more walking space on your terrace. The set is available in two different sizes, ensuring there’s always one that suits your garden size and personal preferences.

#2 Wooden garden set low dining TEUN

Powerful, sturdy, and incredibly comfortable: that perfectly describes this stylish low dining set TEUN. By combining long wooden slats with wide yet elegant slanted legs, the TEUN makes a strong statement on your terrace.

The set is available as a 6- and 8-person garden set and comes with comfortable chairs with armrests. Looking for a more playful setup? You can also choose to place benches on one side of the low dining table instead of chairs. Since these benches share the same beautiful lines as the table, they create a stunning unity.

low dining tuinset met bank en stoelen

Found your favourite?

Have you found your perfect outdoor low dining set? Come and take a seat in our showroom to experience the quality of the material and the wonderful seating comfort for yourself. We’ll also be happy to show you all the possibilities when it comes to fabrics.

If you’re not entirely sure yet or if your favourite isn’t among them, consider exploring our complete range of low dining garden sets online or find more inspiration in our showroom. We regularly expand our collection with new low dining models.


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