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Information about our different types of cushions

Standard cushions

With us you have a choice of different cushions. We supply the standard cushions in a dark gray color. This fabric is 100% waterproof and water repellent with a high lightfastness. In addition, the fabric is also washable at 40 degrees. The filling is made of polyether. This is a flexible and resilient material. When the foam is compressed (for example by sitting on it), the material quickly springs back. After long and very intensive use, dimples may appear. Because it is 100% waterproof, the fabric feels slightly harder and is less flexible.

basiskussens sunbrella Royal Design 2 (1)
basiskussens sunbrella Royal Design

Custom made cushions

In addition to the standard cushions, we also like to offer our customers the choice of various custom cushions. This brand is the absolute number 1 when it comes to outdoor fabrics. The fabrics are so beautiful in terms of weave and design that they are indistinguishable from regular furniture fabrics. stains and color fading do not get a hold of Sunbrella fabric. They are washable at 40 degrees and can even be cleaned with bleach. If you wash the covers in the washing machine, close the zippers and wash the covers right side out. The filling of our custom-made cushions is made of cold foam. This foam breathes, thanks to its open cell structure and wicks away moisture very well. Pitting does not occur with cold foam, therefore the custom cushions are durable. The cushions look luxurious and feel very soft. During a sunny summer week, you can leave the cushions outside. The morning dew won’t hurt! Is there a lot of rain expected? Then you do not need to store them in the attic or in the barn, but we advise you to cover them easily and quickly with a cover. We supply our custom-made cushions in various colours:

Maatwerk Kussens Tuinmeubelen Royal Design

The difference in price is mainly in the appearance of the fabric. The look is determined by color, texture and/or weight. For example, colors with a vivid structure create more depth in the fabric and give it a three-dimensional effect. A beautiful somewhat coarsely woven structure, as in the case of the Tundra Granit, creates a particularly rich look. In addition to coulor and structure, the weight of the fabric also plays an important role. Blended fabrics, such as the Lopi Marble, consist of different coulored yarns. This gives the fabric a 2-tone appearance. The more threads are incorporated into the fabric, the denser and heavier the fabric becomes.


Stop by the showroom or view the fabric samples at home!

We present all cushions with the different fabrics in our showroom. Would you like personal advice, try out the different cushions and see the fabric in its entirety on a set? Then you are welcome in our showroom at Pascalweg 17 in Nunspeet. In addition, we also offer the possibility to send fabric samples, if you are not in the opportunity to come along. So you can make a choice at home and your order to us.


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