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General terms and conditions

Custom Made Garden Furniture

1.0 General terms and conditions

1.1 These conditions are applicable to all sales agreements concluded by Royal Design.

1.2 Those with whom Royal Design concludes a sales agreement are considered to have accepted these conditions.


2.0 Offers

2.1 All offers made by Royal Design and published price lists are always without obligation. Royal Design is only bound by a written order confirmation signed by an authorized person.


3.0 Cancellation and return

3.1 Eight days after receiving the order confirmation it is no longer possible to cancel.

3.2 Goods may not be returned to Royal Design without the prior consent of Royal Design.

3.3 Furniture and cushions that are custom made for you cannot be returned.


4.0 Prices

4.1 If not agreed otherwise, the prices as received in the order confirmation apply.

4.2 If the buyer makes special wishes known, after concluding the agreement with regard to packaging, method or term of delivery and Royal Design complies with these wishes, then the resulting additional costs are at the expense of the buyer.


5.0 Price changes

5.1 Any change in price factors that affect the cost price that occurs or is effective after the date of the Royal Design quotation, gives Royal Design the right to change the price agreed with Royal Design for the goods to be supplied by it accordingly, up to the date on which the order confirmation is signed by the buyer, taking into account any relevant statutory regulations.

5.2 In the event of a price change, the new prices will be communicated to the buyer, who will then be entitled to cancel the purchase agreement by registered mail within 14 days following the notification of the price change, without being obliged to pay any compensation. If the buyer has not cancelled the agreement within this period, he will be considered to agree to the changed prices.


6.0 Delivery

6.1 The delivery period starts on the date stated in the written order confirmation signed by or on behalf of Royal Design.

6.2 The delivery times given by Royal Design are always without obligation, but Royal Design will make reasonable efforts to observe them as much as possible. Any delay in delivery, for whatever reason, does not give the buyer any right to claim damages, to refuse the goods or to dissolve the agreement in whole or in part.

6.3 The delivery date is the day on which the goods to be delivered have left the factory or the office or premises of Royal Design on their way to the buyer, or have been dispatched to the buyer by Royal Design in some other way.

6.4 Furniture will be delivered to the home free of charge in the Netherlands, with the exception of the Wadden Eilanden. The furniture delivered shall be placed on the terrace,  concerned the terrace is on the first floor. For deliveries abroad, costs will be charged.


7.0 Payment and Retention of Title

7.1 Upon receipt of the goods, the full amount must be transferred to the account number of Royal Design stated in the order confirmation or paid in cash upon delivery.

7.2 For delivery times longer than 2 weeks, Royal Design requires a down payment of 20% upon acceptance of the quotation. The remaining 80% is paid before delivery of the goods.

7.3 If the buyer fails to fulfil his obligations under any agreement with Royal Design, Royal Design may suspend the fulfilment of its obligations, irrespective of whether these obligations arise from the agreement under which the buyer fails to fulfil his obligations or from any other agreement with the buyer.


8.0 Guarantee and liability

8.1 Royal Design guarantees the quality of the furniture supplied by Royal Design for two years. Guarantee applies only to material or manufacturing defects. That part which has to be replaced is covered by the guarantee. If the supplier of Royal Design is no longer active, force majeure applies. The warranty will then lapse in full. The guarantee starts at the moment of delivery.

8.2 Royal Design may require the defective product to be returned to Royal Design at the risk and expense of the buyer to enable Royal Design to fulfil its warranty obligations. The shipment of the recalibrated or repaired product to the purchaser is also at the expense and risk of the purchaser.

8.3 The guarantee described above shall lapse if during the guarantee period repairs are made to the guaranteed furniture or modifications are made. Furthermore, any claim under the guarantee lapses if the defects concerned have been caused by misuse or negligence.

8.4 The guarantee given by Royal Design replaces any liability of Royal Design in respect of damage suffered by the buyer as a result of the use of the goods.

9.1 Royal Design behoudt de intellectuele eigendomsrechten met betrekking tot de door haar verstrekte afbeeldingen, tekeningen, technische specificaties en dergelijke.


9.0 Intellectual property rights

9.1 Royal Design retains the intellectual property rights relating to the provided images, drawings, technical specifications and such.


10.0 Force Majeure

10.1 If Royal Design is unable to deliver due to force majeure, i.e. any circumstance that Royal Design cannot reasonably be held accountable for, such as strikes, or because the supplier of Royal Design does not or no longer manufactures the relevant goods, then the agreement shall be dissolved by operation of law if the situation of force majeure is permanent.

10.2 In other cases of temporary force majeure, the agreement shall remain in force but the obligations of the parties shall be suspended until the condition of force majeure ceases to exist.


11.0 Personal Registration

The personal data mentioned on the purchase agreement and/or order confirmation and/or invoice, or obtained by us as a result of our services, are not made available to third parties and are only used for Royal Design’s own administration.


12.0 Disputes

Agreements concluded under these conditions are subject to Dutch law.

If you have any questions about our terms of delivery, please send an e-mail to:



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