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Royal Design continues as &moss

As of February 16, 2023, Royal Design will continue as &moss. Still the same people, the same service and the same quality, but in a new, more personal way.

Why change the name? Because we want to eliminate the distance between our customers and ourselves. Hence, in our new brand name we literally put the customer first! &moss will bring us closer to our core values and make us more future proof.

The letters of &moss stand for “making the outdoors simply sophisticated,” in which our mission is to help our customer unwind. We do this by creating ultimate outdoor living spaces where we put you, our customer, first. Our products will remain unique, sustainable and, above all, pure in their simplicity.

Frequently asked questions

Why did you change the brand name?

We changed our brand name, because we felt our old brand name no longer matched our core values. For us, our customer is the most important. We also value sustainability, luxury and simplicity, which is why we feel the &moss brand name is a better fit.

Has Royal Design been taken over?

No. The company is still owned by the proud founders and owners Thea & Herman Kroneman. Only the brand name and look-and-feel has changed.

What about the warranty on Royal Design products?

The products you have purchased from Royal Design remain subject to the 2 year legal warranty. Therefore, should you experience a defect or fault within 2 years of delivery we will still repair or replace it free of charge if it meets the warranty conditions. The only difference is that the warranty will be provided under the name &moss.

Will my order from Royal Design still be delivered?

Yes. All orders placed at Royal Design will be delivered as scheduled. You will be informed about this in advance. The communication will only be from &moss from now on and no longer from Royal Design.

Can I supplement my Royal Design garden and/or lounge set with the same elements?

Yes, in most cases this is still possible. The majority of the Royal Design collection has simply been transferred to our new &moss brand. The product names have not changed either. The only difference is that the logos on the products are no longer from Royal Design, but from &moss. Do you have specific questions related to this? Please do not hesitate to contact us!

Can I still order new cushions for my Royal Design garden and/or lounge set?

Yes, we can still supply new cushions for all Royal Design models. The costs depend on the product and the desired fabric. Just let us know your wishes and we will get back to you as soon as possible with the different fabric options and their related prices.


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