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Outdoor wooden lounge chair JET


Outdoor wooden lounge chair JET

A unique addition to the &moss collection: the outdoor wooden lounge chair JEet Comfortable, sustainable, and spacious. Come test it out in our showroom!

More about the outdoor wooden lounge chair JET

A unique addition to the &moss collection: the outdoor wooden lounge chair JET. The frame made of durable recycled teakwood filled with sturdy lounge cushions give this unique outdoor lounge chair a luxurious appearance. Moreover, the design features straight and oblique lines, creating a subtle and playful pattern. Therefore, the JET is truly a beautiful eye-catcher on the terrace.

The JET lounge chair is made from 100% recycled teak. This is a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative. No trees need to be cut down, which also means that illegal logging in tropical rainforests is prevented. By using recycled teak, we give still-useful wood a second life. This also means that each item is unique and has its own unique story.

Maintenance of recycled teak garden furniture

Teak is a hard type of wood with a high oil content. This means that teak is extremely suitable for garden furniture and requires relatively little maintenance. The fact that it is recycled teak changes nothing about this.

Depending on the weather conditions, we recommend maintaining the teak once or twice a year. Hereby it is essential to start by cleaning the wood. Use a biodegradable teak cleaner for this purpose. This ensures that the teak wood is cleaned deep into the fiber and removes stubborn dirt and stains. Moreover, it opens the wood pores.

Would you like to keep the natural honey-brown color of the teak? Then we recommend treating the garden furniture with a teak protector after cleaning. This limits the natural aging process. If you would rather let the teak turn gray, you can omit the use of the protector. For extra protection against the element you can make use of a teak shield instead.

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