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Luxury garden furniture

Contemporary & comfortable


Are you looking for weatherproof garden furniture that is stylish and sophisticated in design? Discover the exclusive and exquisite outdoor furniture collection of &moss! Our posh outdoor living furniture contributes toward a luxurious look and feel on your exterior. Additionally, the premium outdoor cushions provide ultimate seating comfort.

We offer an exclusive and extensive outdoor furniture collection in various shapes and sizes. Thus, there is always exterior furniture that perfectly complements your garden, terrace, or balcony. Discover our passion for contemporary and functional outdoor furniture design. So, get inspired in our sophisticated 500m2 showroom!

Exclusive garden furniture sets

Completely revamped your garden? It sounds like it’s time to replace your old outdoor dining set with a brand new modern lounge set. At &moss, you find an exciting and exclusive collection of unique garden furniture sets that make your heart beat faster. You can count on our extensive experience and honest advice. So, we would be happy to help you compose your dream outdoor furniture set.

Comfortable outdoor sofas

We are all looking for that one extremely comfortable outdoor corner sofa that calls your name as soon as you get home. Well, stop looking! &moss lets you compile a custom outdoor lounge sofa completely to your liking. Standard equipped with highly comfortable all-weather outdoor cushions made from soft, premium quality fabric. At &moss you will find an extensive selection of sustainable garden sofas crafted from teak, rattan, or aluminium. So, we highly encourage you to visit us in our stylish showroom.

Weather resistant outdoor tables

Do you enjoy entertaining on a beautiful summer day? Nothing better than enjoying one another’s company over a sumptuous outdoor dinner with a cold drink in your hand. In that case, it is essential to get yourself a spacious, weather-resistant outdoor table that fits plenty of garden chairs or a modern garden bench. At &moss you can find a wide range of garden tables in various shapes, sizes, and materials. So, there is always a contemporary outdoor table that suits your terrace. Visit our showroom or simply order online.

Comfy garden chairs

Picking the proper garden chair or an outdoor lounge chair is crucial since it determines the ambience of your garden. Whether you are looking for modern outdoor chairs or garden lounge chairs? &moss offers a wide variety of garden chairs in various styles. For instance, in modern rope, rustic rattan, or sleek aluminium. Regardless of style, you are at the right place at &moss. Make sure you visit our inspiring showroom to be sure you have your design outdoor chairs as soon as the first warm spring day arrives.

Modern sunloungers

Garden loungers or pool lounges are essential summer additions to your outdoor living space. Sunloungers should provide you with ultimate comfort. Therefore, our outdoor loungers are equipped with a practical adjustable backrest. So, you can always find your most relaxing lounge angle. Moreover, soft, all-weather outdoor cushions are included to assure you of optimal comfort. A practical design is of the utmost importance to &moss. Hence, the convenient built-in, invisible wheels to move your lounge bed to wherever the sun may shine on your terrace. Furthermore, the sun loungers will be delivered to your terrace for free. So, order your favourite sunlounger online now!


A well-landscaped garden deserves a luxury lounge set. For whoever wants to enjoy the outdoors, outdoor lounge furniture is an indispensable complement to your classy garden. Ideally, you want to marry design and comfort in your lounge set. Luckily, those two go hand-in-hand at &moss. Discover the ultimate comfort and luxury for yourself in our showroom!


Wooden garden furniture

The robust wooden garden furniture collection at &moss never looks out of place due to its timeless design. Whether you have a country garden or contemporary garden design, there is always well-suited wooden outdoor furniture. So, discover our exclusive selection of timeless teak garden furniture. Let your creativity run wild and mix and match various recycled teak outdoor furniture models!

Rattan garden furniture

Rattan garden furniture is more popular than ever. The sophisticated, natural look of wicker garden furniture fits seamlessly in country gardens or vintage terraces. Go for a royal rattan outdoor furniture piece with ultra-soft outdoor cushions in clean natural colourways. It is guaranteed to be an exterior eye-catcher!

Aluminium garden furniture

Classic or monumental house? Aluminium garden furniture can help create a clean contrast. Go against the grain and mix and match contrasting materials! Give your classical country garden a contemporary twist with a modern aluminium lounge set. Additionally, aluminium outdoor furniture is weather-resistant, maintenance-friendly, and extremely durable.

Cast iron garden furniture

Cast iron garden furniture is very solid and durable. Crafted out of maintenance-free and weather-resistant material. So, accentuate your front yard with a timeless, classic cast iron garden bench. Both fancy and functional! Unwind in this timeless staple of the exclusive &moss collection. Our cast iron outdoor furniture collection is artisanally produced in-house. Moreover, we offer made-to-order options in a variety of colourways.


The majority of garden furniture is weather-resistant. However, it is still advisable to use a garden furniture protective cover. We recommend using a high-quality, breathable protective cover. We offer a wide range of premium quality outdoor furniture covers. Are you wondering what dimensions fit your patio furniture best? Contact us! We can give your tailored advice. Already know what size fits your patio furniture best? Instantly and easily order it online!


We offer a unique and exclusive handpicked exterior furniture collection in our stylish showroom in Nunpeet. So, get inspired in our sophisticated showroom! Moreover, our stylists are happy to offer you expert and tailor-made advice. You can find the complete collection of outdoor furniture online! So, easily purchase the outdoor furniture either in our store or online.


What do you have to pay attention to when purchasing outdoor furniture?

When purchasing garden furniture, the furniture must fit your outdoor living space. Make sure your garden feels like a coherent whole by choosing the suitable sizes and materials. In our inspiring showroom, we offer you expert advice on maintenance-friendly and durable outdoor furniture. Of course, it is also possible to order the exterior furniture online on our webshop.

When can you best purchase garden furniture?

As soon as the spring starts, people get antsy to purchase new outdoor furniture. So, this is usually the moment when it starts to get busy. As a result, lead times are likely to increase. So, to prevent this from happening, we recommend starting your orientation process around January or February. Our inspiring showroom is open year-round. So, you cannot start your orientation soon enough. Either in-store or online.

Can you leave garden furniture outside all year?

The vast majority of outdoor furniture is maintenance-friendly, weather-resistant, and equipped with all-weather cushions. Despite being able to handle the various weather conditions, it is advisable to store your garden furniture during the winter or use an outdoor furniture cover. This helps to increase the overall product lifespan.

How can you best protect outdoor furniture?

It is essential to clean and treat your outdoor furniture before storing it for the winter months. Do you lack space to store outdoor furniture in a dry, enclosed room? A garden furniture cover offers the perfect solution. This significantly helps increase the product lifespan of your garden furniture set.


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